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Hellpoint Review »»
A fun but unpolished demonic sci-fi twist on the Souls-like formula.

Razer Opus Wireless ANC Headset Review »»
This set of cans rivals the likes of Bose QuietComfort 35 II in terms of quality and features, minus the high price tag.

Fantasy Strike Review »»
Fantasy Strike is an approachable, innovative, and tightly designed 2D fighter that is much more than what its bland looks might indicate

Necrobarista Review »»
Necrobarista is a new visual novel with an eye for cinematic storytelling and a cast of colorful, off-beat characters.

Othercide Review »»
Othercide is a stylish, Gothic tactical roguelike for the ages.

Carrion Review »»
A lack of navigational tools put a damper on Carrion's otherwise excellent power fantasy of being a horror movie monster

Destroy All Humans! Review »»
The remake recaptures the simple, campy joy of of rampaging through 1950s America as an angry gray alien.

Double Your Phone's Battery Life With One of the Best Battery Cases »»
Sometimes you can't hassle with a battery bank and you wait for for a recharge, so you need a battery case. Here's our favorites for all the popular phones.

PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch Review »»
The PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller offers a premium experience in an incredibly small package that is ideal for smaller hands or portable gameplay. Unfortunately, its Bluetooth proximity issue keeps it from being truly great.

Hyper Scape PC Beta Review »»
Hyper Scape is a futuristic Battle Royale that brings a lot of new ideas but struggles to properly execute them.

GTRacing GT099 Gaming Chair Review »»
The GTRacing GT099 is one of the most popular budget gaming chairs on Amazon, but how does it compare to the higher-priced competition?

Panzer Paladin Review »»
Panzer Paladin's pleasing retro-aesthetics and slick use of 80s anime tropes compliment its novel new ideas wonderfully.

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris Review »»
Exciting combat undermined by horrible pacing and inconsistent storytelling.

Cougar 700M EVO Esports Gaming Mouse Review »»
The Cougar 700M EVO Esports offers precision and adjustability but still has its own learning curve.

ViewSonic Elite XG270QG Gaming Monitor Review »»
You can’t have your 4K cake and eat your 240Hz cake too, but ViewSonic’s latest Elite display strikes a perfect balance with a 1440p, IPS display overclockable to 165Hz.

Microsoft Surface Book 3 Review »»
Microsoft's Surface Book 3 is incredibly fun to game on, and no, we didn't expect to say that after a week of use.

MSI Optix MAG301CR Gaming Monitor Review »»
200Hz panels were once reserved for elite esports monitors, but they’ve finally come to more budget-focused gaming displays.

Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 Gaming Laptop Review »»
The Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 has two screens and plenty of power, but feels niche.

F1 2020 Review »»
Simultaneously the deepest yet most accessible Codemasters Formula One experience to date.

Hunting Simulator 2 Review »»
Slow-paced with a wide selection of animals, weapons, gear and locations, Hunting Simulator 2 is a good way to spend some time in the virtual great-outdoors.

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