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Server Security Agreement


The server will not remain open to the general public unless we can keep gameplay and player behaviour at a high level.

Follow the rules below or you will find yourself banned from the server. And, even if you're not an adult, try to act like one, ok?

1. Respect the admins.

2. Act as an adult or play elsewhere.

3. Cheating is an immediate banning offense. Proven cheaters will never be allowed back on the server.

4. Offensive player names are not allowed. That includes names that are pornographic, racist or names that can be found offensive due to religion. Note, this is not an absolute list, use your judgement. If an admin asks you to change your name, comply.

5. Offensive spray logos are not allowed. That includes pornographic images and images that can be found offensive due to race or religion.

6. Moaning and complaining may get you banned. Stop when asked to.

7. Never complain about camping. It is part of the game. It is OK for a CT to guard the bomb, or for a T to guard the hostages. We do not, however, approve of base camping by the assaulting team. If you cannot understand this rule - go play Quake.

8. If you don't like the map being played, play somewhere else. You can try to vote for a new map, but don't scream "change map" all the time. And don't tell people to vote on a certain map.

9. Join the team that needs you the most. Do NOT go to the winning team.